WHILST I am not a Spiritualist, I have no doubt that after physical death the mind, memory, personality and individuality remain. I am equally as certain that under the right conditions spiritual beings can manifest, and, now blessed with a wider breadth of vision, can communicate teachings which are of vital importance to mankind.

There is probably nothing new in the notion of communication with the next world. Indeed, the process by which it operates is as old as mankind.

Now there is no doubt whatsoever that the human brain consists of two parts. The masculine is responsible for the build-up of a great technological civilisation. Meanwhile, the right half, which is feminine, is intuitive, able to grasp the living one-ness of things and comprehend the spiritual world. What an adventure awaits all on entry into this higher dimension!

Whilst I did not know Dr Karl Nowotny when he was on earth, I am more than happy to endorse the teachings which he has communicated from the next realm. Controversial? Yes, sometimes they are. But I view this as a decided asset. Honest controversy is the means by which debate is widened and deepened. This should be welcomed. We have nothing to fear but much to gain from exploring others’ views.

The teachings from Dr Nowotny bear, I believe, a hallmark of sincerity. They “feel” right in a way which is difficult to put into words.

Only now, after a long period of evolution, is mankind beginning to awake. This is the excitement of our time as we enter the much-heralded Aquarian Age.

In the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age it was necessary to build up the structure of Western civilisation. One of the greatest sadnesses is that so many scientists turned away from spiritual truths and, blinded by rampant materialism, refused to accept anything that was not demonstrable and repeatable in laboratory experiments.

However, even this is starting to change. Generally speaking, there is an awakening to the Spirit, a realisation than man is more than flesh and bones, that he is motivated by a spiritual force. Indeed, without this vital force, life itself would fail to operate.

Dr Nowotny casts new light on a series of situations and problems. Often — and with some justification — the charge is made that spiritual messages are banal, that they add nothing new to the sum total of human knowledge and endeavour.

This claim most certainly cannot be made about Dr Nowotny. His teachings are both thought provoking and mind expanding. From his new vantage point he is able to offer advice which is both sensible and practical.

Truly is change upon us all. I see it all around me in so many ways. At least, mankind has come to the rightful realisation that the earth, for example, is a living, breathing entity, one with whom we must work in love, harmony and friendship.

Spiritual teachings have a vital part to play in spreading this message, emphasising as they often do, the essential one-ness of all life. Truly is every one — and every thing — interconnected.

Dr Nowotny’s teachings are both important and interesting. It is for this reason I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them, and hope they reach the widest possible audience.

Sir George Trevelyan