Our Purpose

The association intends to inform about immortality of spirit and soul, of their continuous life in the other world, reincarnation etc. We rely specially on the posthume writings of Dr. Karl Nowotny through his writing medium Grete Schröder. His work is fully independent from any church or confession.
In the six volumes of “Medial writings, information by a medical doctor from the fourth dimension” there are explained for instance different kinds and reasons of irrational disturbances. His work gives hints to affected persons how to regain their autonomie.

About the teachings of Nowotny

Nowotny judges a person as a unity of body soul and spirit, as a personality formed by influences of heredity as well as those of reincarnations, of expression of an own will and foreign influences coming from this and the other world. Spiritual disturbances may be created by wrong behaviour of the affected person by foreign influences coming from this world or the fourth dimension or a combination of several influences.
There is to make a difference in between mental illnesses and disturbances. Mental illness is caused by organic defects evidentially they can be combined.