Portrait von Dr. Karl Nowotny


AS we move into the Aquarian age, more and more channelled messages are being directed Io our planet. The great joy about all these communications is that they are all different, each providing its own perspective of the whole. And what a lesson that is for each of us as we move away from the fixed hierarchical structures of the Piscean Age. It is bringing (he knowledge to the fixe that it is all right to change. Not only all right, but essential to let go of those outmoded traditions if we are to transit safely from one age to the next.
Dr Karl Nowotny is providing an important contribution to this transition in enabling  psychiatrists, psychotherapists and doctors to realise that there can be outside forces influencing mental disturbances.
He explains clearly how many forms of mental illness, including suicide, can be handled so
much more effectively if the practitioner understands the role of psychic energy, spirit and the interchange between life on Earth in the physical body and life as spirit.
A Swiss psychiatrist, Dr Paul Jaeggi, is already finding the Nowotny information invaluable
in the treatment of his patients.
Furthermore, he finds that the methods prescribed by Nowotny complement comfortably
his normal orthodox approach, thus providing a role model for others who may wish to follow in his footsteps.
The fact that Dr Karl Nowotny was a neurologist and a psychiatrist in his life has enabled
the communications to be presented in a way that is compatible with orthodox medical thinking.
Indeed, a friend of mine who is a consultant psychiatrist has shown great interest in the books.
However, the teachings are not too specialised for the ordinary reader and offer deep stimulus for thought.
His warnings of careless and indiscriminate use of psychic energies are timely as this
transition from one age to the next is already bringing heightened spiritual energies to the planet, energies that can bring either enlightenment or lead us into our shadows. It is also a time when each of us will have the opportunity of acknowledging our subtler levels of consciousness. We are all psychic and, in this hi-tech age, this offers us the challenge of allowing ourselves to recognise the fact and to finding out how it works for us.
What I particularly enjoy about Nowotny‘s teachings is that he does not set out to be some
kind of guru, but provides a practical, down-to-earth approach in dealing with practical, downtoearth problems. He encourages us to accept and use our freewill, saying that “submission is a denial of personal freewill.”
The book offers strong warnings to those who would blindly seek divine inspiration,
especially for ego reasons; we are reminded that it is not God who causes suffering, but man.
In fact, Nowotny sets out very clear boundaries in communicating with spirit, some of which will be controversial, even for those already interested in these ideas.
Nevertheless, I think it is important that we are all aware that boundaries and disciplines are necessary in all forms of psychic work and, of course, in life as a whole.
Dr Nowotny has a great deal to say specifically in the area of mental illness. This is a
valuable book, both for those who are new to this kind of channelling and for those who are looking for something beyond philosophic and spiritual considerations.
Tony Neate
Runnings Park,
West Malvern,
Worcs WR14 4BP.

TONY NEATE is co-principal of the School of Channelling and a founder/tutor of the
College of Healing at Runnings Park, West Malvern, Worcs. He has worked as a medium since the 1950s, channelling the wisdom/philosophy of H-A, which is published in a number of books. Tony also works as a healer, counsellor, gives nutritional advice and, where necessary, past life therapy.
Tony Neate was a co-founder and managing director of Nature’s Own Ltd, chairman of the
Wrekin Trust, succeeding Sir George Trevelyan, and chairman of New Approaches to Cancer.
Together with his wife Ann, he also ran a Cancer Help Centre in Cheltenham, on similar lines to the world-famous Bristol Cancer Help Centre.
Additionally, he was chairman of the council of a Rudolph Steiner school and a council
member of London’s College of Psychic Studies.
A member of the core group of the Runnings Park community, Tony divides his time
between working as a therapist in London and Malvern, channelling for study and development groups, and teaching, lecturing and leading workshops internationally on healing, stress management, meditation, psychic protection and self-development.
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