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Heinz Bolliger                      Managing director and contact

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Heinz Bolliger, born in 1939, started after 14 years of work in the industries of metallic and electric instruments to study at the philosophical faculty of the university of Zurich clinical psychology, financing his studies himself through working. Besides he studied psychopathology of adults (at the medical faculty) and philosophy. He ended his studies in 1974. After that he started to work in the Cantonal Psychiatric Clinic in Münsterlingen near the Bodensee until he pensioned off in 2004. In postgraduated studies he became a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.
In 1975, he was attending a lecture by Prof. Walter Hinz, Göttingen. Prof. Hinz spoke well of the “Medial Writings’ and Heinz Bolliger heard of Grete Schröder for the first time. He met with her several times from 1976 on and had intense and interesting conversations, sometimes in the company of a befriended psychiatrist. In 1989, Heinz Bolliger met with Alfons Heim for the first time and subsequently received the invitation to join the Dr. Karl Nowotny Foundation eV. as a club member.
The planning and preparation of ten booklets based on the “Medial Writings’ as well as corelated lectures for two one-day seminars in London preoccupied Alfons Heim, a psychiatrist friend and Heinz Bolliger for a longer time period. These booklets and lectures have been prepared to further train already certified mediums who want to take care of mentally disturbed people. Alfons, Heinz and their friend created a whole training cycle with one-day seminar at the beginning and a second one-day seminar at the end. Then they handed the responsibility over to the initiator for further training cycles. Parts of these training documents were later used in the organization “Hearing Voices”.

Elisabeth Herrscher                 Vice-chairman and contact

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