Examples out of the work of Dr. Karl Nowotny

On this page you find examples of text out of the books. You can download the 4 examples for your private use. To read these examples you need the Adobe reader.

Example 1 (Book 1, Chapter 19, 20)
Transition to the other world and the necessary knowledge about the interrelations. Recognition of the end of life. The spirit regions or spheres. Spiritual maturity.
Example 2 (Book 3, Chapter 7,8,13-15)
Repercussions of emotional impressions. Common sense.
Correct deliberation the way to knowledge and wisdom. Memory, the basis for the spirit entity’s activity. Imagination, the mirror image of past existence in the world beyond.
Incorrect interpretation of technical progress. Consequences of inventions and research conducted without feeling.
The soul is the link to the spirit world. It is hampered by the wrong concept of life and death. Advice on curing abnormal emotional and mental attitudes.
The cultivation of art is a significant component of a healthy philosophy of life. Definition of “art.”
Example 3 (Buch 5, Chapter 15, 25)
Depressions and their causes
Suicide and its consequences. The Church and science must change their way of thinking.
Example 4 (book 6; Chapter 15, 16)
Discarnate entities seek contact with those on earth. Persecution mania and depression
Animism causes incorrect diagnosis in psychiatry.
Locating the disturbing spirit entity.
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