Grete Schröder

Grete Schroeder, according to an Austrian television programme in 1982, was one of the most important mediums in the German-speaking world.
She was born in 1904 in Graz, and after her studies she worked as a tax consultant, first in Germany, then in Vienna. After World War II she built up a very big practice in her offices near the prestigious Rathausplatz. But as her initial workload had overtaxed her, she came to Dr. Nowotny as a patient at the beginning of the nineteen fifties. A warm and lasting friendship developed between them, and Dr. Nowotny became her client.

Grete Schroeder had never had any contact with spiritual teachings. But two days before Nowotny passed she had a dream. She saw a figure who spoke only three words: “Nowotny is dying”.
After his death she was led to a contact with him through a medium, learned automatic writing and wrote the six volumes he dictated to her. Their working contact continued for twentythree years.
In this time, with Nowotny’s help and based on the teachings in his books, she helped countless people who had been diagnosed as schizophrenic or “only” had psychic problems. For many of them this meant they no longer had to be confined to a psychiatric institution, for she had taught them how to free themselves from their obsessions. In the light of her work the word schizophrenia in the sense of a division of consciousness is no longer tenable, and the concept “incurable” is negated when a distinction is made between insanity as an organic sickness of the brain and mental disturbance as an exterior influence.

Grete Schroeder passed in December 1987.